Scenes from Fiji Kava

Today was a slow, exhausting day at Fiji Kava tea bar. Slow because barely anyone showed up, and exhausting because I didn’t get out until 3am last night and I had to open at 9am this morning. I spent most of the day reading and trying not to fall asleep.

The day took a more eventful turn at 5pm when I found this unexpected visitor in the sink:

We caught that sucker and liberated him into the outdoors…adios iguana!

Now I’m just hanging out killing time until my shift ends at 6.

Later tonight I’m meeting my aunt and uncle for dinner. They’re vacationing in West Palm Beach and had plans eat at a tropical/Hawaiian restaurant in Ft Lauderdale which turned out to be just a couple miles away from my apartment. Unfortunately my boyfriend is working so they won’t be able to meet them, but I’m glad I’ll get a chance to see them!

Last but not least, I discovered these “Healthy Protein Cookies” at the convenience store next door and have become obsessed with them. Each cookie has 230 calories, 26g protein, 20g carbs, 5g fat; and they’re delicious! I’ve been eating one pretty much every shift.

Well that’s all for now! Hope you all are enjoying as great weather as we’re having here in Florida–after a week of rain from Tropical Storm Debby we finally got beach weather, and I’m excited to enjoy it on my day off tomorrow! Along with shopping for khaki pants and black shoes for my first day waitressing. And GOING TO THE GYM!! No excuses 🙂


Work and Life


  1. I picked up another job waitressing at Aruba Beach Cafe! I’m so excited because I’ve wanted to work there since the first time I ate there back in May. It’s a great place to work: been around for 30 years, right on the beach, always busy, and amazing food. And now I’m officially ITB (In The Biz ie the service industry) which is sort of like joining a sorority/fraternity–everyone knows each other, hangs out, and parties at each other’s restaurant/bars. I start training at 8:30am Sunday morning–a little rough because I work at the Kava bar until 2am, but such is life.
  2. Fiji Kava, the kava tea bar that I’ve been bartending at, has been SO slow (summer is the off-season here in Florida.) It’s a chill job because I can read, go on my laptop, etc, but we work mostly for tips and I’m just not making enough money to work here five days a week. So I cut back my shifts to Wednesday daytime (9am – 6pm) and Saturday nights (6pm – 2am). I think this is the best of both worlds because I can keep that connection for if/when business picks up, while still making real money at Aruba. And I’ll have two days to read/write/tumble, which is the perfect amount.
  3. I’m actually at work right now–I switched shifts with my coworker Liz since today was her birthday. The good news is that she brought a ton of her friends in to celebrate so I actually made good money tonight–almost $50! And it was fun working with a big crowd of people here. I also volunteered to cover daytime tomorrow which means I have to be back here at 9am tomorrow–I don’t know what I was thinking. Oh well…
  4. A couple more job-related irons in the fire right now, but I’m keeping them under wraps until I see what pans out. Right now I’m just trying to make money, keep busy, and have fun.
  5. I must get to the gym, I must get to the gym, I must get to the gym. I didn’t go yesterday or today, and I probably won’t tomorrow because I’m meeting my aunt and uncle for dinner after work (they’re on vacation in West Palm Beach), but definitely Friday and Saturday! No excuses!
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