My New Place!

What’s the only thing better than living on the beach?

Living in a waterfront mansion on the Florida Intercoastal:

with a pool:

…and a poolroom!

A ginormous kitchen:

A patio right off my bedroom:

…and waking up to this view every morning:

(Boat not included)

In case you’re wondering, no I didn’t win the lottery! Four other people live here and I’m filling a vacancy in the fifth room. The house is right on the Florida Intercoastal Waterway about four miles from my boyfriend’s apartment (aka my current place). It’s absolutely enormous: 5000 square feet, five bedrooms, two staircases, two big living rooms, poolroom, pool, dock. My bedroom is on the ground floor and opens right onto the patio; it comes furnished with a queen-size bed, 2 dressers, desk, and closet.

My new roommates are 3 guys and 1 girl in their mid-late 20’s. I’ve met two of the four so far and they seem really fun and nice. They told me throw parties and barbeques every weekend and there’s always people around, which is exactly what I’m looking for! I miss that atmosphere from college and want to meet new people in Ft Lauderdale besides just my coworkers and boyfriend’s friends.

I was also happy to see that least two of my new roommates are also in relationships and that their S.O.’s spend a lot of time at the house. It was important to me to find a place where my boyfriend was also welcome, and I prefer roommates who are also coupled up–less drama! It’s going to be weird living apart from my boyfriend, but I think it will be valuable for me to meet new people and build my own roots in Ft Lauderdale. And if everything goes to plan we will have many years ahead to live together… 🙂

I move in on Saturday and will post pictures of my room once I get it set up! Now I’m off to spend the rest of the night packing, but I couldn’t wait to share this news because I am SO EXCITED!!!!! Here’s to the next chapter and I’ll keep y’all posted!

PS I’ve been HORRIBLE about updating this but slightly better about updating my tumblr; if you’re curious about my life over the past two months you can check it out here: (Or brief summary: Waiting tables at beachside restaurant. Busy busy busy. Haven’t been to the gym in AGES–it turned out to be too far away. But switching one really close to my new place; between that and finally having a kitchen again I will hopefully have more health & fitness material for this!)



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