Kava Tea Bar!

Kava Tea Bar!

Hi guys!! Checking in from my first evening shift at Fiji Kava Bar in Ft Lauderdale, Florida!

Have you guys heard of kava tea? I never had until I got hired here. When the owner offered me a job at a tea bar, I was picturing tea that you brew and drink with milk and sugar…in actuality, it’s a cold earthy-tasting tea that you drink by itself—we serve it in coconut shells! Here’s what I’ve learned about kava tea:

  • Kava tea is made from a kava root and is originally from Fiji. Fijians have been drinking it for thousands of years as a social, ceremonial drink
  • Drinking kava tea reduces anxiety and creates feelings of calmness and relaxation. It also helps you clear your head and focus, and it makes you sociable and talkative. I describe it to people as a cross between marijuana, adderall, and xanax—but natural, legal, and without negative side effects.
  • Kava tea is also a diuretic and appetite suppressant, so it helps with weight loss

I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9am – 6pm, and Saturday and Sundays 6pm – 2am which I think is a good schedule! It’s a small bar, so only one person works per shift. We’re working primarily for tips, so I have the opportunity to build up my client base through marketing and networking and therefore increase my income.

I’m definitely going to be pushing the appetite suppressant/weight loss angle—after all, people pay hundreds of dollars for dangerous and unhealthy diet pills that don’t even work, whereas this is natural and healthy so if it works then it’s definitely worth the money! I’ve only worked 3 shifts so far but I’ve noticed that I am notably less hungry while I’m drinking it at work. In theory I’m not trying to lose weight, but it would be nice to lose a little just for the sake of selling the product—I wouldn’t promote this aspect if it turned out not to work. So I’ll see how it goes with time, and I’ll let you guys know!


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