Costa Rica Recap Pt 5: Tamarindo



Wednesday was our last day in Santa Teresa 😦 After breakfast, Billy headed out for one last surfing session while I packed up the car then chilled out in a hammock and read.

While Billy was surfing, he struck up a conversation with a local whose brother was heading home to Tamarindo after a bad breakup with his girlfriend, and offered to give him a ride. This ended up being a great decision, because the guy, Danny, knew the way to Tamarindo and it saved us a lot of time. He sat in the front and navigated, allowing me to sit in back and read/nap/take pictures of the drive:

Highlights included eating mangos right off the trees:

And seeing a monkey!!

The drive took about 6 hours, and we finally arrived in Tamarindo around 9pm after dropping off Danny and making plans to meet up and surf the next day. Two of Billy’s friends own a bar in Tamarindo called Chillerz ( and we swung by there briefly for one drink and plate of tuna and veggies. Then we checked into a hostel and pretty much collapsed into bed.


The next morning woke up and moved to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp (, an awesome surfer-geared hotel right on the beach.


For breakfast we had smoothies:

Plus pancakes and bacon for Billy:

Then we drove 10 miles to Playa Grande, where our new friend Danny’s brother owned a taco stand right on the beach:
I laid out and read on the stone “altar” below while Billy surfed.
Then Billy took me surfing for the second time in Costa Rica, third time ever!
We returned to Witch’s Rock just in time for Billy to catch some more waves under a gorgeous sunset:
After a day of surfing we were starving, and planned to eat dinner at Witch’s Rock. But first we wanted to catch Witch’s Rock’s happy hour from 5-7…then Chillerz’ happy hour from 6-8…then another bar to watch the Miami game…and I fell asleep on the bar. So Billy had to take me home, and I was asleep by 10:30 yet again!

2 Responses

  1. love the pictures! i am catching up on your trip.So glad you had an amazing time 🙂

    • Thank you!! I enjoyed reading about yours too…and the tip about fruits and vegetables was super helpful, I’m glad I wasn’t afraid to eat them because they were delicious!

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