Costa Rica Recap Pt 4: Montezuma Waterfall

We awoke at 6:15 am on Tuesday morning to the sound of roosters crowing, howler monkeys howling, and Billy’s friends banging on the door for us to get up and go surfing! He headed out right away while I dawdled long enough to hit Zwart’s Cafe for banana bread when it opened at 7 🙂 Then I joined the guys at the beach to lie out and read while they surfed.

Once again we ate breakfast at Zwart’s Cafe, where I had another amazing guacamole omelette:

Then, Billy, his friend Geoff, and his friend’s fiancee Cassie set off on an expedition to jump off a waterfall at Montezuma! Geoff and Cassie had both been there multiple times before, so they knew the way. It was a beautiful drive through the winding country roads of Costa Rica.

The drive took two hours because we kept jumping out of the car to look for and take pictures:


Finally we arrived at Montezuma, parked the car, and hiked a scenic mile or two:

Finally we arrived at the jumping point:

The first jump was 12 feet. It took me FOREVER to jump, but I finally did and loved it! The second jump was 50 feet. I was standing on the ledge for almost 10 minutes, legs shaking, trying to decide whether or not to jump. Billy and Geoff had already jumped and were at the bottom waiting for me incase I did. French-Canadian tourists were up top with me, egging me on. Finally I did it. It was SO exhilarating, SO terrifying! I’m glad I did it but I don’t think I’d do it again!

Relieved after the jump!

Afterwards we headed into the town of Montezuma:

Stopped at two or three beachfront restaurants for food and drinks:


Pina colada:

Mussels and ceviche:

That night, the owner of Zwart’s Cafe, a Canadian woman in her early forties, had people over for dinner/drinks. Her house was set high up in the jungle in Costa Rica and was simple and airy, with a dining room open to the air. We sat under the starlight eating pizza and drinking wine and cokes under the starlight. Amazing.

Afterwards, Cassie really wanted to go dancing, so she and Billy and Geoff and I headed to a local bar where she taught me to salsa dance. We finally made it home around 1 or 2am–a late light for Costa Rican, and another amazing day.


3 Responses

  1. Which cafe is “Zwart’s Cafe”?
    Is that approximately where you were when you took the first two photos of town?

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