Costa Rica Pt 3: Santa Teresa

Monday was just one of those days…amazing. It was our fourth day in Costa Rica, second full day in Santa Teresa, and one of the best days of my life.

5:30 am: I woke up early, walked around town and the beach, discovered the world’s best banana bread at Zwart’s Cafe, and picked real mangoes off a tree!

8:30 am: I returned to the hostel, woke up Billy to show him my mangoes, ate one, and we promptly fell back asleep.

10:30 am: We woke up again right in time for the 11am checkout. Billy wanted to catch the morning waves while tide was still high, so I volunteered to pack up and check out. (Best girlfriend ever, no?)

12 pm: We checked into a hostel right next door called Don Jon’s. ( It was AWESOME:

12:30 pm Billy and I split a chicken burrito with guacomole, beans, and rice from Zwart’s Cafe. I don’t normally eat burritos but this was SO good! I also cut up and ate our watermelon.

1 pm: Billy took me out surfing for the first time in Costa Rica, second time ever. Keeping my balance was challenging but I am starting to get the hang of it and even stood up a few times! I surfed for about 45 minutes until we got caught in a rip tide. I hardly even had a chance to register the rip tide before Billy pushed me and the board into shore, but after that I was nervous and decided to stop. This is why I don’t feel comfortable surfing by myself and probably won’t for awhile–I’m not a very strong swimmer, and even though the board would keep me afloat I’d be nervous that I wouldn’t be able to stop the current from pulling it far away from shore.
3 pm: We picked up Billy’s friends Geoff and Bo, Bo’s fiancee Cassie, and two local surfers, and the seven of us headed out to a good surfing spot about 10 miles away for some late-afternoon surfing.
The guys checked out the waves…
…but unfortunately none of them were good. That didn’t stop me from taking pictures:
And drinking the juice of a pepas: a Costa Rican fruit similar to a coconut that one of the locals knocked off a tree for us to try!
4:30 pm: We checked out two more surfing spots, but neither were good, so we settled for the next best activity: drinking! We headed to a bar called Habernos right on the beach for happy hour.
The seven of us split three pitchers of margaritas, plus nachos and guacamole. We sat on the beach drinking until it started to rain, and we moved inside to watch the rain and sunset under the shelter of the patio.
6 pm: Once dark fell, we headed back towards Santa Teresa. We stopped at the grocery local store, the “Super Ronny” to grab some alcohol and it seemed like everyone on the island was congregating there! What started out as a quick errand turned into an hour of drinking in the pouring rain under the overhanging roof of the Super Ronny. I got Bacardi silver rum started making rum-and-diets right in a bottle of diet coke…I’m classy like that 🙂 The impromptu party where everyone knew each other reminded me so much of college!
7:30 pm: We finally left Super Ronny to go home and change before meeting up to go out again later. Billy waited by Don Juan’s bar drinking and watching the Miami Heat game as I dashed through the rain into our hostel, deciding to skip the shower but slipping on a dress and applying makeup for the first time since I’d been in Costa Rica.
8:30 pm: We picked up everyone again and drove to a bar/restaurant called Funky Monkey to continue to the night. We ran into other surfers we knew, and pushed tables up to theirs to create a giant group. I was magnanimously beautiful and stunningly, outrageously happy; I was drinking more but I don’t remember what; my mahi-mahi and vegetables in coconut sauce was delectable; and then the night goes blurry.
11 pm ??? 12 pm ??? Asleep in our hostel surrounded by rain…
One of those days..amazing.

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