Costa Rica Recap Pt 2: Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a cute little beach town on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. There are lots of little restaurants, bars, and surf shops, and the town is very walkable and safe (unlike, say, San Jose). The vibe is laidback and chill, the people are genuine and friendly, and the community is tight-knit–everyone seems to know each other, and if not your are immediately welcomed.

Most people here are surfers, but they come from all walks of life, and quite a few of them end up falling in love with the area and never leaving. That was the case with Billy’s friend Bo, who moved to Santa Teresa along with his girlfriend Cassie, and now they have an adorable 14-month baby. I really liked both of them, and I was impressed that they were raising a baby in Costa Rica!

This was the hostel we stayed at Saturday and Sunday:

On Sunday Billy and I woke up around 8am and headed right to the beach so Billy could surf and I could watch/tan/read/sleep.

Around noon we got breakfast at Zwart’s Cafe, a local hangout spot right next to our hostel. My omelette was filled with guacamole and it was SO good! I also had a papaya smoothie which was also amazing!

As we were sitting there, people kept stopping by and catching up about the previous night’s big party which we missed because we got in so late. It reminded me of college! We also met up with Billy’s friend and coworker Geoff, who I had met last time I was in Ft Lauderdale.

We all stayed inside during through the hottest part of the day, then returned the beach just in time to catch waves before the sun went down at 6.

Obviously Billy needed two surfboards 🙂

I didn’t surf, but I swam in the water and got some great sunset pictures:

Once it got dark we headed home, showered, and walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner. We had guacamole to start then both got shrimp since they were out of other fish. Geoff and another guy from Canada saw us sitting at the restaurant so came by to join us. Afterwards the guys wanted to go out, but I was once again exhausted, so I opted to stay in and was asleep by 10:30!


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