I have a very full itinerary over the next few weeks:

  • Thursday I am flying to Fort Lauderdale
  • Friday morning B. and I are flying to Costa Rica for 8 nights
  • I fly back to DC on Thursday June 7; my parents are picking me up and I hope to be fully moved out of my apartment that night
  • Friday June 8th we’re driving to Ohio for my grandma’s 95th birthday; we’re staying there 3 nights and then my parents will drop me off at my sister’s in Pittsburgh for another 2-3 nights. I’ll take the bus back on the 13th or 14th
  • Saturday June 16th I’m moving to Ft Lauderdale. If everything goes according to plan then I won’t be home until Christmas

Everything I want to take with me to Ft Lauderdale has to fit in my suitcases on my two flights there. I want to bring as much as possible on the first trip and pack as efficiently as possible so I’m not bringing things to Florida, then home, then back to Florida. I also want to be packed for Costa Rica ahead of time so I’m not stressing out Thursday night–my flight gets in at 5:30pm, we’re having dinner with B’s parents (!!), then we have to be at the airport at 7am Friday, so that doesn’t leave much time. Additionally I want to be packed for Ohio and Pittsburgh ahead of time so I’m not trying to come home and do laundry the night before we leave, AND my whole room has to be packed up and ready to go when my parents pick me up on the 7th.

What that means is that everything needs to be packed NOW before I leave! For the past two days I have been packing up my room and sorting everything into one of five categories:

  1. Costa Rica
  2. Florida now
  3. Florida later
  4. Ohio and Pittsburgh
  5. Leave at home

I’ve packed up three suitcases as well as several rubbermaid containers:

  • Big suitcase: B and I are splitting this suitcase, which can weigh up to 40 lbs. When I had packed everything for Costa Rica it was less than half full and weighed right about 20 lbs (11 of which are the suitcase itself) which is perfect. I filled the rest with heels, purses, dresses, and jeans, which will be easy to take out when I get to Ft Lauderdale
  • Little suitcase: more clothes to take to Ft Lauderdale
  • Duffel bag: clothes for Ohio/Pittsburgh/home

I was happy to see that I was able to fit almost all the clothes that I want for Ft Lauderdale on this trip. That means that I’ll have plenty of room on the next flight for non-clothes items–number one being my blender! I’m also hoping to bring my ihome and speakers as well as personal things like books and pictures–we’ll see!

I also filled several big plastic containers full of things to bring home, and then Thursday morning I’ll pack up my bedding and bathroom items so it’s all ready to go. Getting a lot of it done in advance makes life so much less stressful!


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