Bench Press PR: 100 lbs!!

 Last night I went into Baltimore for margaritas and Mexican food with three of my best friends from high school. We spent the night at my friend Lauren’s house, then this morning my friend Sarah gave me a ride home. When I got back to my apartment it was about 11am and I was starving! I immediately made a beeline for my leftover eggs and fruit cereal from yesterday’s lunch:


Of course, it wouldn’t be breakfast without a protein smoothie, so I followed with a mango-banana one and a cup of tea on the side to balance out the coldness:

I was still hungry an hour later so I had a ThinkThin bar and polished off my remaining watermelon…giant breakfast!

Then I headed to the gym for an upper body workout. I will miss my nice campus gym once I leave!! I knew this was my last shot at benching for several weeks/months, and I REALLY wanted to beat my PR of 95 lbs and hit my goal of 100…and I did! I was SO excited! Here is what my whole workout looked like:

Upper Body Workout

  • Bench press: 8×1’s with 70 lbs, 75, 80; 8×2’s with 85, 90, 95; 4×1 with 100 (!!)
  • Incline chest press: 8×3 with 30 lb dumbbells; 6×2 with 35
  • Incline chest flies: 8×3 with 25 lb dumbbells; 6×2 with 30
  • Dumbbell flies: 8×6 with 12 lb dumbbells
  • Weighted tricep dip: 8×4 with 25 lb plate; 8×3 with 35 lb plate
  • Barbell bicep curls: 8×3 with 30 lb barbell; 8×2 with 40 lb barbell

Following by stretching, planks, and ab work.

In addition to hitting my PR, this was a really good workout! I maxed out on just about every exercise, and even collapsed on my last weighted tricep dip. Performing exercises on an incline makes them more difficult, which is why I started with 5 lbs less than normal for incline chest press and flies, and performed less reps with my normal weight. I will definitely be feeling this tomorrow!

Now I’m getting ready to head into DC to meet up with another of my best friends from high school. She couldn’t make it last night and I want to see her before I move to Florida! And I might be going out for one last night in College Park once I get back–we’ll see!


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