I’m Going to Costa Rica on Friday!!! (How is this my real life???)

As I have mentioned before, I am going down to Ft Lauderdale from this Thursday, May 24 to June 7. Then I am moving there officially on June 16 and moving in with a guy I am dating. He’s a bartender/surfer who I refer to here as “B.” On Thursday I received the following text from B:

B: You have your passport with you right?
Me: Yes! Are we going somewhere?
B: Maybe 🙂
Me: Omggggg WHERE
B: No guarantees I’m trying to make something happen cross your fingers and pray.

Cue me spending the next 2 days trying to wheedle it out of him. Finally he told me that we were going to an island, but wouldn’t say where. Obviously I assumed Caribbean, considering that’s it not far from Florida. But last night he told me the destination…Costa Rica! In retrospect I should have guessed because he goes there all the time to surf, and I knew his friends were going to be there at that time. But the island thing was an effective red herring, because I was convinced it was somewhere in the Caribbean.

We leave at 10am on Friday and are staying until the following Saturday, June 3. We’re flying into San Jose and meeting up with his friends there, but after that he doesn’t know exactly where we’ll be because we’ll be following the waves.

Obviously I am really excited about this! But I will be honest:

1) This is somewhat out of my comfort zone. I love to vacation, but I don’t inherently love to travel–and there is a difference. I would never go traveling around Central America on my own; I wouldn’t even know where to begin. And while I don’t think I’m high maintenance, I’m not completely low maintenance either. I won’t bring a blow dryer (actually I never use one) but I will bring makeup. I don’t HAVE to have/wear makeup, but I do have to have soap and shampoo and access to a regular shower. I’m fine with wearing nothing but tank tops and cut offs and bathing suits, but I wouldn’t be fine with wearing the same shirt three days in a row. So I do need some advanced planning for this.

2) I should also note that B told me where we were going by ACCIDENT. As in he slipped up and mentioned it. Maybe he would have told me at some point between now and Thursday, maybe not. I don’t think it even occurred to him that I would have any problem with going to Costa Rica for eight nights on about 12 hours notice. To be honest, that would have been really stressful. I would have probably pretended to be thrilled but then broke down crying at some point because I ran out of shampoo or something.

3) It feels like less of us going on vacation together and more of me tagging along on his surfing trip with his friends. And these guys are professional-level surfers, while I am only JUST starting to learn how to surf. I’m also not a great swimmer. I don’t think I’m going to feel confident surfing unless B or someone else is in the water next to me helping to guide the board, telling me when to push up or stand, and basically paying 100% attention to me. I’m a little worried that he has visions of my surfing abilities that won’t match up to reality and that will affect how he feels about me.

4) This is a test. Not that I think B’s intentionally trying to test me, but that’s just the reality of the situation. (Remember how Lindsay Lohan got rid of the evil fiance in Parent Trap?) He told me his dad asked what he’d do if I didn’t want to go to Costa Rica, and he said he’d be like, “see ya” and go without me. Yes he was partly joking but the truth is that if I wasn’t the kind of girl who who would get excited about a spontaneous trip to Costa Rica and who could go with the flow and be flexible and low-maintenance, then we wouldn’t be compatible and it would never work out in the long run. Which would really, really change my game plan for the next eight months.

I don’t want to sound bratty or ungrateful about this trip because I’m not–I’m incredibly excited! I feel like this is an immediate manifestation of how my life is going to become more vibrant and interesting and full and I know I will have a great time. But I also know that my experience isn’t going to hinge on packing the right things or staying in nice accommodations or getting perfect weather or having access to food I like, but rather my ability to have a positive mindset and go with the flow. And this is 100% mental and 100% in my control.

Also, I think if you asked my parents they’d say that being flexible is something I need to work on as part of the process of growing up and maturing…so this is a good opportunity. It’s also funny because my parents love Costa Rica–we went when I was 13 and they went back a couple years ago for their 25th anniversary. And they used to do outdoors-y trips like this all time when they were dating and first married…until someone came along who insisted on wearing dresses and tights every day and refused to sleep in a tent and hated getting dirty (Hint: me! Of course this was all circa 15-18 years ago and obviously I’ve chilled out a lot since then.) But it’s funny how things are coming full circle and it seems like I’m entering into a relationship similar to that of my parents’, in more ways than one. Which is what I’ve always wanted and always hoped I would find.

Wow, this got a lot more philosophical than I intended! Okay I will wrap it up just by saying that I’m SO excited and still pinching myself because I can’t believe it’s my real life.

Question: Do you consider yourself high-maintenance or low-maintenance? If you found out you were leaving for vacation in a foreign country the next day with zero notice would you be thrilled, or freaked out, or a mixture of both?


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