Willy Wonka Reality Check


My first meme! 🙂

I was inspired to make this meme after reading a blog thread where dozens of people smugly claimed that the Atkins diet was the best diet ever—and they knew this for a fact because they’d lost tons of weight, were never hungry etc…until they fell off the wagon and binged on bagels and gained all the weight back.

Newflash: pretty much ANY diet works—if you can stick to it! (Have you heard of the air and water diet? All it takes is willpower!) But there is zero point on adopting a major lifestyle change like cutting out an entire food group—whether that’s carbs, meat, dairy, “anything a caveman wouldn’t eat”, etc—unless you know you can stick to it FOREVER. Otherwise you’re just setting yourself up to go off the diet and gain all the weight back.

Bottom Line: don’t be too quick to listen to someone’s endorsement of a diet unless they’ve managed to lose and KEEP OFF the weight!


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  1. Haha I definitely need to pin this.

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