Forever 21!

Just purchased the above 3 dresses at Forever21! I am in LOVE with the first, and it was only $12.80! The second was $7.80 (I also got it in pink and yellow), and the third was $17.80. I also picked up three tank tops in white, aqua, and pale yellow—Forever 21’s tank tops are only $2.80, and they are a staple of my wardrobe! Altogether I spent just under $70.

I’m at an interesting crossroads in my life where very soon I will either have a LOT of money and be able to buy a brand new car, designer handbags, lots of clothes etc…or I will have almost no money at all and have to be extremely careful with spending. With that in mind, I’m trying to be really careful about spending money on clothes and avoid buying anything unless:

  1. It’s cheap
  2. I have a specific purpose in mind for wearing it
  3. I can tell it will still fit if my weight goes up or down 5lbs

By this point I’m pretty good at gauging whether something will still fit/look good even if my weight changes, and these tank dresses fit the bill—they’re stretchy enough that they’d still fit if I gained 5 lbs, and they show off my legs so they’ll still be flattering if I lose 5 lbs. (BTW—avoid anything too structured/stiff when losing weight because it won’t look right unless it fits you exactly; clothing that’s meant to be worn loose is actually better).

They also will be perfect for me to take to Florida next weekend—dresses are more more comfortable than shorts in hot weather and easy to throw over a bathing suit. Plus I didn’t pay for an actual carry-on bag so I’m trying to get away with packing for 4 nights in just a tote bag, and these will fold up small!

Right now I’m sitting in a Starbucks near the mall trying to get some work done before heading back. It’s nice to get off campus sometimes and I plan to do this again soon when I don’t have shopping to do! Then I’ll take the metro back in time to go out tonight!


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