“Working In”

I hate HATE HATE when people ask to “work in” at the gym. Especially when we’re using different amounts of weight. I mean, I understand if the gym is PACKED and there’s literally nothing else to do, but when it’s not that crowded I think you should either be flexible and use another machine, or cool your heels and wait your turn.

This happened to me today…I was JUST getting on the 45 degree leg press when an old guy came up and asked how long I had left. I told him I was just getting started, and he asked if he could work in. I was like, “You know what? You can have it,” and I moved over to the (empty) hack squat machine right next to it. I think he felt like an asshole but it honestly didn’t matter to me; I was going to do them both anyway, I just don’t like to share!

Anyway, my workout was:

Leg Workout

  • Squats: 135 lbs: 8 reps x 5 sets
  • Hack squat: 90 lbs added: 8×5
  • 45 degree leg press:180 lbs added: 8×5
  • Straightleg deadlift: 80 lbs: 8×2, 90 lbs: 8×3

Followed by brief stretching.

Now I’m about to shower and go shopping with my friends for Dayglow tomorrow (all our clothes will get covered in paint/destroyed, so we want to buy cheap ones). Then going into DC tonight to catchup with two of my BFFs from high school (we go to different schools, but all within an hour).

Happy Friday!!


2 Responses

  1. I find your shared routines of what you did & weights lifted incredibly helpful, to have some sort of a reference 🙂

    Have t say you are freakishly strong! My arms will take a while to build up, as all I can manage right now are 10 lbs and even then, I can barely finish the routine.

    • That’s what I thought too when I first started lifting…I couldn’t BELIEVE other girls could do routines with 30 lbs that I could barely do with 10, even though I thought of myself as a strong and athletic. But I progressed really quickly and I’m sure you will too…if you think about it, you’re carrying around things that weigh more than 10lbs allll the time, and once you get used to the exercises I think you’ll find yourself increasing the weights pretty fast!

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