Okay I Lied…(Post-Maintenance Weigh-in)

After 3.5 weeks of eating at maintenance, I started a deficit again yesterday. I wasn’t going to weigh myself until next Monday to give myself a “cushion”, but I got curious and decided to weigh myself this morning. Right before I started eating at maintenance, I weighed 140.8 lbs, which was my lowest since last year. This morning I weighed…

144.2 lbs

So it’s possible I gained 3.4 pounds in 3.5 weeks of maintenance, working out to exactly a pound a week or a 500 calorie surplus, which is certainly possible considering all the alcohol/restaurant meals/lack of gym over the past 3.5 weeks with spring break, Easter, and traveling every weekend. (I’m using the term “maintenance” a bit loosely in that I wasn’t tracking calories/macros and just sort of estimating what I’ve been eating). 

However, I don’t think I did, because at this point a 3.4 lb gain or loss of REAL weight makes a big difference in how I look and how my clothes fit, and right now everything is fitting the same, and as of this past Friday morning, my abs looked the best they have this year. And it’s not muscle mass because you can’t gain muscle that fast, it’s not possible! So I think it’s mostly water weight–probably a combination of the “bounceback” effect from going immediately from a deficit to maintenance, and this past weekend that was very carb-heavy (did I mention I ate almost 2 loaves of pumpkin bread?) I’ll be able to tell within the week–water weight comes off really quick, real weight will be slower.

If it IS real weight gain, it doesn’t really bother me that much as long as my clothes fit the same…I care more about my appearance than the number on the scale, and I’d prefer to have a certain appearance or wear a given size at 140 lbs compared to 135, for example, because it’s easier to maintain the higher weight. At the same time, if I WAS gaining a pound a week and the trend continued, it wouldn’t take long before my clothes didn’t fit at all, so I think it’s good that I’m back to tracking for the next several weeks (my plan is 6 weeks).

I’ll let you guys know how it goes and whether my weight drops back down or not!


One Response

  1. Haha, I could gain 4 lbs by drinking extra water! Either way, water or real weight, that’s still pretty awesome considering you weren’t really tracking calories but eyeballing & all the traveling and dining!

    And the fact that your clothes still fit and your abs look at their best <——-AWESOME!!!

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