Hungry + Abs + Pumpkin Bread

I woke myself up at 6:30am yesterday because I was hungry…and  NEVER wake up that early! I grabbed a ThinkThin bar and went back to bed but couldn’t fall asleep so I went downstairs to do an arm workout in the basement—glad I got one in before the Easter weekend! Over the past three weeks I have been eating at maintenance, averaging an estimated 2500 calories a day, and believe me I want of all of them! For the first 2 weeks I was travelling and only worked out twice, but in the past week I’ve lifted 6 times and as a result I’ve been STARVING. I can’t believe I was eating 1200 calories just a month ago…I can’t even fathom that now.

I remember the same thing happening to me last year and it was a sign my metabolism was speeding up, so I hope that’s what’s happening here! And my abs are totally coming in too!!


However, I still would like to lose 5 pounds (which I know will make a HUGE difference in my physique) so starting Monday I’m dropping back into a deficit (aiming for 1800-2000 calorie average).

In the meantime, I’m taking advantage of Easter weekend at my grandparents by eating basically normal plus pumpkin bread…so much pumpkin bread. I ate 1.5 loaves of bread (like full-size loaves) between today and yesterday. It’s my favorite food ever, and I have zero regrets…except for the fact it’s almost gone now!! 😦


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