A Little Bit of HIIT

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It’s a short cardio workout in which you get your heart rate up for short periods of time, and it’s the BEST type of cardio for burning fat–so much more effective than steady-state cardio! The good news is that it only takes 15-30 minutes, and you only need to do it 1-2 times a week if you’re doing it right. I’ve been really slacking on it lately, so for April I’m making a renewed effort to incorporate it into my workouts. Here’s what I did yesterday, starting with an arm workout:

Arm Workout

  • Benchpress: 70 lbs: 8 reps, 75 lbs: 8 reps, 80 lbs: 8×2, 85 lbs: 8×2
  • Chest Flies: 30 lb dumbbells: 8×5
  • Chest Press: 35 lb dumbbells: 8×5
  • One-leg Tricep Dips: 8×5
  • Bicep Curls: 15 lb dumbbells: 8×3, 20 lb dumbbells: 3×2

I could only curl 20 lb dumbbells 3 times per set…but that’s how I progress and get my weights up! 17.5 lbs would have been ideal but I’m working with what they’ve got.

Now onto HIIT! What I do for HIIT is sprints on a treadmill, set at a 0.5 incline (I find that easier to run on than a completely flat incline). This is what my workout looked like:


  1. Warmup: 2-3 minutes walking at 3.5 mph
  2. Sprint: 45 seconds at 10 mph (6 minute mile pace)
  3. Walk: 90 seconds at 3.5 mph
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for a total of 5 sprints
  5. Cooldown: 2-3 minutes walking at 3.5 mph

You can see it’s very short–the whole thing only took about 15 minutes–but it was intense! Ideally I would be doing 8-10 60 second sprints with 60 seconds walking in between, but as I said I’m just getting back into it.

The number one danger with this exercise is flying off the treadmill…seriously! You can really get hurt if you don’t pay attention and maintain control. Usually I’ll hit the stop button and hold on at the end of each sprint, which keeps me from flying off!

Followed up with:

  • 30 minutes on the elliptical
  • Stretching and planks

I don’t do any specific ab workouts (DEFINITELY not crunches, they’re useless!) but I try to work a few 30-60 second planks into the end of every workout. They’re great for stabilizing your core muscles and flattening your abs! And stretching is always so important!


Sneaky cameraphone picture of me stretching...why yes, there is another person in the room.


2 Responses

  1. I thought my HIITs were intense, but 10.0?! Color me impressed!

    • Thanks!! It’s funny, I can pick up close to where I left off with sprints but I have NO endurance when it comes to distance running anymore…that’s totally use-it-or-lose-it for me I guess

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