April Goals (Jumping on the Bandwagon)

1) 138 lbs by May 1st…then I could reasonably shoot for 135 by May 21st. I would be SO happy if this happened! It’s only about a pound a week.

2) Bench press 100 lbs! (Right now I can bench 95lbs—long term goal is my body weight)

3) Squat 155 lbs (Right now I’m maxing out at 135—not even my body weight. Which kinda bums me out because I maxed out 185lbs last May and was consistently squatting 165-175 over the summer, but I lost a lot of strength from not having access to a real squat rack for 6 months. My long-term goal is 200 lbs)

4) Fit into my size 24-25 shorts from last year. I bought these in February 2011 and never actually got to wear them—they fit at 135 lbs but not at 138 lbs which is where I settled. However, I think they will actually fit at 138 this time around due to increased muscle mass.

5) Start running again. I don’t run during the winter, but it’s getting a little too nice outside to keep using that excuse. I don’t do it for appearance/weight loss (if anything I gain weight from running), but I like having the endurance to go on a 3-5 mile run when I feel like it.

Running on Folly Beach in Charleston last spring!


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