Yesterday I had a major shopping trip for the first time in forever. Back when I had a car on campus, I would go to the mall all the time—there’s one right between my house and campus, so it was easy to stop by every time I went home. Over the summer, there was a mall less than 5 minutes from my internship, and I was in heaven. However, not having a car makes shopping a lot harder, plus I’m trying to be more careful with money. But I had to get a suit, cocktail dress, and heels for my interview, so I took the metro to the mall yesterday for a long but successful shopping trip. I bought:

1) Black pumps from Nine West

2) Skirt suit from The Limited

3) Two silk tops from The Limited to go under the suit (my mom calls them shells!)




I was SO happy about this suit! I had one on hold at Ann Taylor but I was just so-so about it. Then I stopped in The Limited on a whim 40 minutes before the mall closed and found this one—exactly what I was looking for and $100 less than the one from Ann Taylor. The silk tops were on sale for $10 each.

4) Cocktail dress from Ann Taylor




This dress was WAY more expensive than I’d normally buy, but I was on short notice and it’s perfect for my pre-interview reception tonight. It’s a size 4 and a little big—they didn’t have a 2 and the 0 was a little too tight for the professional occasion.

5) Sleeveless top and cardigan from The Limited




I love the spring-y colors of this shirt, and I needed a white cardigan and this one was on sale! I thought I could wear this while walking around Richmond on Friday as well as for Easter at my grandparents next weekend.

6) Three stretchy striped tank tops from The Limited




I have this tank top in blue-green and white and love it—the stretchy material makes for a great fit and has held up for years. So when I saw these on sale for $10 each, I snatched them up!

7) Black and white button-downs plus bracelet and earrings from Express




These button-downs are great staples and they were on sale for $20 each (normally $50). I also got the silver bracelet to wear with my suit, which matches the fishhook bracelet from St. John that I wear daily as well as the above silver necklace that I often wear.

8) Three white t-shirts, three white tank-tops, and four colored tank-tops from Forever 21




Forever 21’s $4.80 t-shirts and $2.80 tank tops are a staple of my wardrobe—they look great and you can’t beat the price! They get worn out because I wear them all the time to the gym and under everything, so every once in awhile I’ll replace them.

9) Stretchy yoga pants for Forever 21




I don’t own yoga pants and really wanted a pair! I was looking at Victoria’s Secret but I’m really glad I found them here instead for only $20.

10) Black and white lace shirts from Forever 21




11) Black and white bras from Victoria’s Secret




These are THE most comfortable bras ever! I have a pretty good collection of matching lingerie sets, but on an everyday basis I just wear white or black, and all my “regular” underwear are white or black so I still always match 🙂 Unfortunately the washer destroyed these bras in France so they needed replaced.

I’m very happy with my shopping trip! Yes I spent a LOT of money (ughhh) but everything was either items that I had planned to buy (bras, tops and workout pants, pumps), basic staples on good sale (button-downs, cardigan, bracelet, earrings), or just really cheap items that are multifunctional and will add some variety to my wardrobe for spring (silk tops, stretchy tank tops, lace shirts). I also made sure to pick clothes that I know will fit if I lose 5 pounds or so (plus the 2-3 pounds of water weight I probably gained from spring break) and steered clear of shorts/skirts or fitted tops. The one exception was the skirt suit and dress—they were both pretty expensive and I can already tell that the dress is WAY too big and the suit will likely be too big soon. Most likely I will return the dress and return or exchange the suit, depending on the state of my bank account!


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