Booty Shot!



1) I love yoga pants!!! How did I not own any before? 

2) I rolled up my shirt because otherwise it blends into the bed

3) I have a giant rib cage that sometimes looks weird (not sure if you can tell here). It goes with my large bone structure and size 11 feet

4) My butt look really small here to me. It always goes into hibernation for the winter when I stop running! I plan to start again soon; it’s just hard to get motivated when there’s nowhere good to run on my campus. I don’t run for appearance/weight loss purposes (that’s why I lift!) but I like to have enough endurance to run a substantial distance when I feel like it. When I’m in good running shape I can usually do about 5 miles pretty easily, right now I could maybeee run 1.5

5) That’s not my room, it’s a seriously awesome hotel room that I stayed in Wednesday night for an interview. I’ve never had a hotel room to myself before and it was SO cool!




^^ Me being a baller on my king size hotel bed…I definitely didn’t start jumping on it within 60 seconds of entering the room. Nope, wouldn’t do that 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I would love a fast forward button to those abs please, but for now I’ll just use your blog for inspiration!

    You are OFFICIALLY on my blogroll because your workout habits are amazing!

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