Today’s leg workout was basically just a shorter version of Tuesday’s:

Lower Body Workout (8 reps per set)

  • Squats: 145 lbs x 3
  • Leg Press: 250 lbs added x3
  • Sumo Squats: 145 lbs x3
  • Deadlifts: 95 lbs x3
  • Split Squats: 25 lbs x3
I intended to do more exercises, but cut it short because a) I was hungry b) I was sweaty and c) my legs were SORE from Tuesday! I realized that I had gone straight from the weight room to the elliptical without stretching! So this time I made sure to stretch.
Even though this was a short workout, I could tell it was a good one because I was feeling it. My buns were SORE–but in a good way–when I was done!

One Response

  1. is that 3 reps or 3 sets? Either way, still a pretty solid leg day despite being sore!!!! Tonight is my last leg day before my show… I have to make it epic.

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