Back on Track!

It’s been awhile! I was at my grandparents for Easter Friday through Monday, and between being out of the gym for four days and eating approximately my body weight in chocolate I was ready to get back to normal yesterday.

No food pics (it’s basically same old anyway), but here’s the workout I did yesterday:

Lower Body Workout (8 reps per set)

  • Squats: 135 lbs x3, 145 lbs* x3
  • Leg Press: 230 lbs added x3, 250 lbs* x3
  • Sumo Squats: 135 lbs x3, 145 lbs* x3
  • Hamstring Deadlifts: 40 lb dumbbells x3, 50 lbs* x3
  • Split Squats: 25 lb dumbbells x3 (per leg)
+30 minutes on the elliptical reading People’s “Spring Style Watch” issue 🙂
And today I worked my upper body in the morning before class…
Upper Body Workout (8 reps per set)
  • Bench Press: 65 lbs x3, 70 lbs x3, 75 lbs* x2 (maxed out at 4 reps on last set)
  • Chest Press: 30 lb dumbbells x5
  • Shoulder Press: 20 lb dumbbells x5
  • Tricep Dips: 5 sets of 10
Then I went back to the gym after class for 15 minutes elliptical and 15 minutes incline treadmill walking (4.0 mph with 10.0 incline). It’s so hot outside that I knew I’d want to shower anyway so I figured I might as well go to the gym! I had the new Marie Claire which is my favorite gym magazine because it takes me awhile to read; I didn’t finish it so I’ll bring it back tomorrow!
Anddd slowly but surely I am increasing my squat and benchpress weights! My goal is to be able to squat 200 lbs and bench press 100 lbs which I think is reasonable but I have NO idea when I should expect to achieve it by. I guess it’s time for me to do some more research!!
I leave you with my outfit today:
Black-and-white shirt: White House, Black Market (I used to work there!)
Cropped sweater: Calvin Klein via Marshalls
Shorts: Express
Sandals: Nine West
I got that sweater at Marshalls for $16 and wear it all. the. time.

4 Responses

  1. I would kill to be able to squat 200 lbs! I got up to 175 at one point but my strength went in the sh*tter w/ my contest diet and I dropped back down a lot of weight 😦

    • Hmm well you are one of my fitness inspirations so if 200 is unrealistic for you then maybe I should revise my goals? I honestly have NO idea about what is normal/ideal to shoot for. I came up with 200 from reading Christina’s blog at She’s 5’2/114 and squats 250 so I figured at 5’8/138 I should be able to squat 200 easily…but maybe she’s just unusually strong? Do you know how to figure out what a good goal weight for various lifts/moves is?

      • do you know how many reps she can do at 250? My guess? 1. If I’m not mistaken – she’s a powerlifter. They goals of powerlifters are very different from the goals of someone lifting for physique (like a bodybuilder for example).

        I don’t think 200 is unrealistic but I would give yourself a long time to make it there. A long time being a few years, not a few weeks or months. As far as how to figure out what goals are good… I would say whatever you want them to be! But realize that the loftier the goal, the longer it will take you to reach it.

        I set my goals small. Right now I have been focusing on my prep and not recording my numbers because strength is totally irrelevant – however I plan on setting specific off season strength goals. I plan on setting small, short term goals… for example “I want this exercise to go up 10 lbs by this date” or “I want to go up 3 reps at this weight by this date” OR EVEN “I want to go up 1 rep on each set next week at the same weight”

        That way I can slowly build up to something bigger – like squatting 200 lbs – without getting bummed out when I don’t get there ASAP. Does that make sense?

        PS. I am humbled you think of me as a ‘fitness inspiration’. I promise I’m just a normal girl still figuring things out too!

  2. […] Today’s leg workout was basically just a shorter version of Tuesday’s: […]

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