Today I Ate A Lot of Chocolate

(NOTE, this was written Wednesday, April 13. I just got around to adding pictures today)

GOOD NEWS: I made it to the gym this morning

BAD NEWS: I kinda skipped my first 2 classes to do so :/

Still, it was SO nice having the weight room to myself compared to in the evenings when it’s packed full of frat guys. I tried out the squat rack for the first time, which enabled me to squat 95 pounds instead of the 35 that I could put on my shoulders myself, and I squatted and deadlifted away without feeling self-conscious.

I didn’t eat breakfast until about 11:30 and I was craving a GIANT bowl of greek yogurt with raspberries and walnuts, so that’s what I had.

Seriously, that’s about 2 cups of yogurt in there.

Plus some eggs.

That’s actually the only way I really like eggs–it’s a texture thing.

During class I had this protein bar around 1:30.

Then this one around 3.

I should have brought a different snack so I didn’t have 2 bars–I didn’t think I’d be so hungry after my big breakfast, but I was!

After class I went on a run around the perimeter of campus–about 3 miles I think.

Then dinner was 2 mahi-mahi burgers that I tracked down at Whole Foods yesterday (they used to have them at Trader Joes but they don’t anymore!) with brussels and broccoli.

That is like half a bag of frozen brussel sprouts and a huge head of broccoli–I can seriously pack away the roasted vegetables (don’t try to make me eat them raw though!)

Plus a grapefruit:

Then I finished off this bar of chocolate that I snagged at Whole Foods (about a 1/3). Then I ate an ENTIRE bar of chocolate that I also bought yesterday.

Seriously, I think this was the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten in my life. I don’t know if I can ever go back to Lindt now. Too bad I just ate my weekly quota in one day.

If you were totaling up my calories today, I consumed a 3:2 ratio of real food to chocolate. Do I fail at this being a healthy-living blog? On the other hand, I still got in about 160 g of protein, so I’m pretty happy about that!

Now about to watch Biggest Loser until I pass out in a sugar coma (yes, even 85% dark chocolate has significant amounts of sugar when you eat that much haha!) The plan is to wake up early tomorrow, hit the gym for arms and sprint intervals, then pack up my stuff and go to the mall, spray tanning, and then home to do laundry. I’ll post later on why I now have my Thursdays (and Tuesdays) totally free. It’s kind of a downer, but I’m trying to make the best use of my time.

Edit: feeling a little sick. Note to self that chocolategate needs to be like a once a month occurrence, tops.


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