The picture on the left was taken March 10. The picture on the right was taken this past Thursday (April 14). Can you tell the difference? (Note: sorry for HORRIBLE picture quality)









.Neither can I. If anything I think my legs look a little bigger in the more recent picture. (My weight was virtually the same). Don’t get me wrong: I’m not unhappy with my body–far from it. And I’ve been maintaining a 15 pound weight loss for two months while eating 150-200% more and spending significantly less time in the gym (I cut out the HOURS of unnecessary cardio!) But I’ve been doing virtually the same weight routine for those two months, as well as the months before, and I think it shows.

It reminds me of a quote I read on Julie’s blog:

“If you keep doing what you’ve been doing then you’re going to keep looking how you’ve been looking.”

Well, I don’t want to spend hours in the gym only to look and feel the same week after week! I want to push myself and see progress, and that’s why I switched to lifting heavier. I am confident that this is the step I need to take to start seeing major changes in my body and strength levels as well. And the best part is that while it might take awhile for the physical changes to show, I can feel myself getting stronger on a day-to-day basis: every time I pick up a heavier weight!

I’m going to do a post soon about my experience lifting heavy so far (in short: LOVING it!) but in the meantime I wanted to put up these pictures to serve as a “before.” Hope you’ll follow with me to see where things go from here!


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