5×5, Upper Body Edition

I woke up Tuesday morning feeling SO sore from Monday’s leg workout and decided not to go to the gym, which was good timing because I had a lot of work to do anyway. Wednesday morning I got up bright and early to work out my upper body before class.

Upper Body 5×5

  • Bench Press: 45 lbs, 55 lbs, 55 lbs, 55 lbs, 65 lbs (8 reps each)
  • Seated Military Press: 20 lb dumbbells, 8 reps x 5 sets
  • Chest Press: 20 lb dumbbells, 8 reps x 5 sets
  • Pushups: 10 x 5 sets
  • Tricep Dips: 10 x 5 sets
I love working out in the morning! It’s so much easier now that the days are getting longer and warmer.
Breakfast was the usual–2% greek yogurt with raspberries and walnuts:
Egg “puff” with 2 whole eggs + 2 whites:
My snacks for the day were a grapefruit and half a cup of almonds:
Plus this new protein bar:
Check out the nutritional stats:
It’s less protein than I normally go for in a bar (I shoot for 1g per 10 calories) but I like that it’s relatively very low-carb and low-sugar. And it tastes just like a vanilla wafer!
My last class was cancelled which was awesome because I was SO tired. I came home and slept for 4 hours. When I woke up around 8:30 it was time for dinner: spinach, salmon patty, and mango.
I mixed up half of bag of Trader Joe’s frozen chopped spinach with 2 egg whites and feta cheese and baked it at 375 degrees for about 25 minutes. I saw the recipe somewhere in the blog world but can’t remember where–I’ll link to it later if I do!
Plus a bowl of strawberries while the spinach was baking.
.And half a square of dark chocolate after (unpictured). I watched The Biggest Loser on my laptop while I was eating, then went to bed around 10:30–super early for me!
Oh and my booty is coming back!
Button-down: Express
Shorts: Express
Belt: Michael Kors via Marshalls
Sunglasses: Juicy Couture via Nordstrom
It goes into hibernation during the winter when I stop running, then comes back for the spring. Meaning that I go up/down a pants size from summer to winter, but I think its worth it! šŸ™‚
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2 Responses

  1. >Hey! Your meals look delish! I will have to try that spinach dish sounds so good and super easy! I stumbled on you blog with a book similarity "like", Something Borrowed, and I also have a healthy living blog that I recently started. http://heatherhealthyliving.blogspot.com/ I like your blog so I'm going to Follow! Hope you will back!

    • Haha that’s so funny that you found me that way! I love that book–and it’s coming out as a movie with Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin later this year. Thanks for checking out my blog and I will follow you back as well šŸ™‚

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