Short + Hard

On Fridays I have class from 2-5, so it’s the one weekday I can sleep in AND still hit the gym in the morning. I took full advantage today and slept til 11am.

Before the gym I ate a cup of greek yogurt:

I decided to do something new today and try a shorter workout with more weights and barbells instead of dumbbells:

Lower Body Workout

I finished up with a few planks.
The verdict? Hard! Even though this is less exercises than normal for me I was sweating by the end and really feeling it. Plus it only took me 30 minutes. If I can work out more efficiently that’s fine by me!
I replenished my protein with eggs (2 yolks plus 2 whites), a 7 oz tilapia filet, and a pear.
(Actually got too full to eat the pear, so I brought it to class with me.)
Along with my favorite protein bar:
After class I came right home and started studying for Business Law. I have an exam next week and I did poorly on the last one so I want to do well on this one. I have to say that B-Law is my least favorite class. It’s the only class where I have to FORCE myself to read the textbook. But I managed to read and take notes on three chapters, and make notecards!
Dinner was half a block of tofu with broccoli and carrots tossed in olive oil:
The tofu was perfectly crispy and so easy–all I did was slice it and bake for about 25 minutes at 400 degrees. I always used to stirfry tofu, but I think oven beats stirfry hands down!
Well back to work–Happy Friday!

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