>Going Greek

>I tried Greek yogurt for the first time yesterday!

This is especially significant because I haven’t eaten yogurt in over five years. 

I know that’s a little strange, so let me explain: I’ve been a vegetarian for about eight years, since I was twelve. When I was fourteen, I was inspired by a friend to go vegan for a brief stint. That didn’t last but what came out of it is that I stopped eating dairy altogether for a number of years. I was never a huge dairy fan–I’d already preferred soymilk to cow’s milk, for instance–so giving it up was no big deal. Eventually I re-introduced some dairy back into my diet–namely ice cream and a few types of cheese–but I could never bring myself to eat yogurt–something about the texture and live bacteria inside freaked me out.

I’ve been trying to muster up the courage to try Greek yogurt for a long time now. The nutrition stats are amazing, it’s a super-convenient breakfast or snack, and it would be a healthier and cheaper alternative to my beloved yogiberry.

I finally decided that it was time to go for it. First decision: what fat content? Fat-free seems to defeat my point of exploring a new source of healthy fat, yet the whole yogurt has twice the calories which seems like overkill. I decided to go with 2% Chobani–maybe next time I’ll try 4%.

I stirred up a cup of yogurt with blueberries, sliced strawberries, and frozen raspberries and popped it in the freezer for a more yogiberry-like consistency.

The verdict? Delicious!!! It was pretty tart but I prefer that to overly sugary. I ate the container in two days and will be definitely buying more, and maybe some individual serving cups as well.

Question: (as if anyone reads this) What is your favorite brand of Greek yogurt? What fat content do you buy?


2 Responses

  1. I love the idea of freezing with fruit and will definitely aim for higher fat content! I don’t have a favorite brand, all I’ve tried is fat free Chobani.

    • Try Fage! After a year plus of eating greek yogurt I like it so much better than Chobani (although that’s just personal preference, some people prefer Chobani or don’t care). I typically get a mix of 0% and 2% and then it just depends which taste I’m feeling like; I actually have yet to try 4% haha.

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